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Website Design

  • WORDPRESS CUSTOMIZATION – We also offer training for your to fully manage your WordPress site after completion.
  • HTML/CSS – Static websites
  • WEBSITE RE-DESIGN- If you already have a website, and you think it might need a facelift, we’re happy to give it a trendy makeover.
  • WEBSITE EDITING/MAINTENANCE – Monthly services or on-call services are available.

Graphical Design

  • LOGO – Our logo services consist of a mockup of four custom and original designs, and then two renditions of the chosen logo
  • WEB BANNERS- We offer simple banner designs to fully designed with HTML
  • KINDLE/NOOK/iBOOK COVERS – We’re experienced in the specs that each e-reader device requires for books covers, and we’re happy to design upload ready covers.
  • BADGES AND STICKERS – Whether you need online or printed badges/stickers designed, we’re happy to work with your specific requirements.
  • CUSTOM CMS BUTTONS – Even the tiniest designs matter.  If you are looking for a specific set of icons made for your CMS system, we’re happy to intricately design each icon.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA ICONS – We’ll put a spin on the social media icons that have a touch of your company intertwined.
  • EBOOK FORMATTING – We’ll help you format and fully prepare your ebook for online publishing.
  • INFOGRAPHICS – You give us the data, and we give you the artwork, and we’re happy to work with any theme or format.

Marketing Services

  • CONTENT DEVELOPMENT – Whether you need help developing content within your website, printed advertisement or online marketing, our creative juices are ready and waiting.
  • BOOK TRAILER DEVELOPMENT – Have a book? We can create a movie like preview to market your story.
  • WRITING SERVICES- If you are in need of expertise with blogging, articles, and/or proof-reading, we’re here to help.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • DIRECTORY SUBMISSION-‘Links’ are a major part in creating your ranking position on different search engines. Creating inbound links or back links in quantity and quality can greatly effect your search engine rank. Search engines base a certain factor on found directories in determining a website’s popularity and relevance. The quality of the directory and the number of back links you have will result in search engines determining your websites relevance.
  • INITIAL ARTICLE SUBMISSION – Submitting your website to Article Sites is one of the most popular advantages amongst SEO experts. Article submission gives you one-way links from relevant sites and will also increase your website traffic.
  • SOCIAL NETWORKING – Creation of custom social media pages
  • SEARCH ENGINE SUBMISSION – Traffic will be increased when your site is listed on all the major search engines.
  • PRESS RELEASE SUBMISSION – Press release optimization and submission service is designed to increase visibility of your press release in news search engines. The important part is to create keyword friendly content in order to make your press release searchable in your industry. We can create or analyze your release and optimize it to contain key search terms which can increase your chances of being noticed by creating more visibility online.
  • KEYWORD SERVICES – Google Adword Keyword Development
  • META TAG WEBSITE ENHANCEMENT – Enhancement to current website by adding in meta tags to make your site more searchable. Meta tags are HTML codes that are inserted into the header on a web page, after the title tag. In the context of search engine optimization, when people refer to meta tags, they are usually referring to the meta description tag and the meta keywords tag.
  • SEO ANALYSIS – Overview and research of current website rankings within keyword optimization and search engine placement
  • BLOG CREATION – A blog is one of the most useful tools when it comes to advertising and SEO